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Posted in Neurology News on 12th Nov 2012

New brochure for Fujifilm’s Console Advance

Fujifilm has published an eight-page, full colour brochure on their next generation Console Advance.

The brochure details the benefits of Fujifilm’s Console Advance and includes information on all the new enhanced features, which make it an ideal option to integrate FDR and FCR Systems.

It is packed with features to streamline workflow and assist users to save time, including a new gradation design monitor and intuitive arrangement of operation buttons, helping users check and confirm information quickly and accurately, and advanced functions such as ROI image adjustment and auto-trimming.

The brochure also details additional optional functions including image stitching and precise enlargement, helping users get the best image possible first time.

The Console Advance automatically recognises the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters to deliver reproducible, high quality images every time.

With connectivity to a range of other equipment via the hospital network, and being fully compatible with DICOM part 14, Fujifilm’s Console Advance is the heart of an FDR/FCR System.

For a copy of the brochure, telephone Fujifilm on +44 (0)1234 326780.

Brain Tumour Tissue Banking – a new approach

Brain tumour tissue is difficult for researchers to access. Bureaucracy has led to banks being established which are closed to researchers; a review of just three centres that returned data on current archive holdings (dating back to 1970) revealed that the potential of a networked approach is clear to see – in excess of 50,000 surgical cases. Just sitting there.

Brainstrust is working alongside key clinicians to change this. The Charity is looking to build a UK wide network of brain tumour tissue banks, that will support a diverse range of brain tumour research projects.

The immediate objective is to link existing archives of brain tumour tissue in one virtual network. Phase 2 will support existing brain tumour tissue banks so that the surgical collection of brain tumour tissue has full consent and clinical data attached. Hospitals achieving this will then be able to link into the national network.

This project will provide the interface that is needed between researchers and brain tumour tissue, giving easy access to the right tissue, in sufficiently large numbers and of high quality.

To find out more, visit, or call 01983 292405.

Fujifilm supports the world’s busiest Wildlife Hospital

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, with a range of constantly evolving clinically proven products and technologies designed to assist medical and veterinary professionals perform more efficiently and effectively. The company have recently provided substantial support to Tiggywinkles – the world’s busiest wildlife hospital who treat over 10,000 animal casualties, free of charge, every year. The hospital receives no government funding relying entirely on charitable donation to continue its work.

Tim Moran, Operations Manager for
 Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital said,
“Thanks to substantial support from Fujifilm we were able to invest in the Company’s state-of–the-art CR X-ray processing system which will allow us to diagnose casualties more efficiently. The equipment arrived just in time to help during the busy spring and summer months when thousands of sick and injured animals are brought to our busy Aylesbury facilities.”

Mark van Rossum for Fujifilm, presented Tiggywinkles with their Fujifilm PRIMA CR system saying, “Fujifilm are pleased to be able to support the world renowned work that the animal hospital does by making this latest imaging technology available to them. As a result their patients will be diagnosed and treated much faster, increasing the hospital’s capacity.”

Stuart introduces new high capacity shaking incubator for cell culture applications

Stuart, the benchtop science 
equipment specialist, has 
unveiled a new addition to the
 company’s SI Series of
 incubators. The new SI600 with 
built-in orbital shaker has a 
capacity of 115 litres – more
 than double that of the existing 
SI500 – and can accommodate
 up to six 2 litre Erlenmeyer
flasks. Both of these bench top 
systems are equipped with Biocote antimicrobial protection and are ideal for use in cell culture, especially suspension culture applications, with the larger SI600 supporting growing demands for larger scale production.

The SI600 incubator is designed for reliable, convenient operation. Like the SI500 it includes a unique retractable platform for effortless loading and unloading. Under normal use the platform is locked in place but can be drawn forward from the chamber to give easy to access to samples at the back. Microprocessor control delivers long-term temperature stability, with forced air circulation ensuring uniformity throughout the incubator. Separate control of temperature and shaker speed guards against accidental temperature adjustment, while USB enabled communication allows long term tracking of the incubator temperature.

For more information see

 Shimadzu UK launches liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LCMS)

Shimadzu UK has launched a high-end liquid chromatography mass spectrometer – the LCMS- 8080 – which delivers best-in-class sensitivity, high quality data and fast cycle times. An extension of its Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) range, the new model’s high speed capabilities increase productivity in the laboratory by delivering accurate measurements, first time.

Ideal for users requiring
information rich analyses, the
LCMS-8080 can be used across a wide range of applications including food safety testing, drugs of abuse screening as well as in clinical, environmental and ADME laboratories. The instrument delivers high quality and accurate data over long periods of use.

The Coaxial Hot Gas Desolvation source is fundamental in delivering the LCMS-8080’s enhanced sensitivity as it focuses the ion plume and improves ionisation efficiency. This is enhanced by Hot Source Induced Desolvation which removes solvent noise, followed by high performance pumping and a multi-orthogonal inlet. The LCMS- 8080’s class-leading sensitivity allows accurate quantitation of low level analytes.

For more information T.01908 552209,

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