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Editor’s Introduction

Posted in Editor's introduction on 10th Dec 2012


Julia Granerod and Nicholas Davies describe in their beautifully clear, short review where we are in 2012 with encephalitis, in terms of what causes it and how we can best pursue a diagnosis. This includes a discussion on the realisation that many cases of encephalitis now have an auto-immune basis along with the discovery of new aetiological infective agents that may spread to new geographical areas with global warming.

Christopher Roy explains when and how you would undertake phenol blocks for upper limb spasticity. He describes why this should be considered in place of botulinum toxin injections and what benefit you might expect the patients to see over what time. This is an extremely helpful and practical guide to a procedure that many know very little about.

NF2 is a rare condition which is well known to cause bilateral acoustic neuromas. In the article in the Neurosurgical series Katie Gilkes and Gareth Evans discuss all aspects of this condition starting with making the diagnosis as the genetic defect may only be found in the tumour which may not be a vestibular schwannoma. They go on to discuss that 50% of cases are familial and the rest sporadic and that patients are best managed by regular follow up in a number of specialised clinics. The article also discusses the use of auditory brainstem implants as well as new drug trials designed to slow down tumour growth in these patients.

Gauten Ambegaonkar in his contribution to the Paediatric Neurology series reminds us about the condition Continuous Slow Wave discharges in slow wave sleep (CSWS). This condition can easily be missed and whilst having several causes often responds to therapy albeit with long term sequelae to the patient.  This is a useful practical update on this disorder.

Ever fancied some time in Australia or New Zealand? Rhys Thomas tells you how this may be possible in his short article in the ABNT section. This article includes the experiences of others who have spent time out there honing their neurological skills which can then be used (and recognised!) for good effect once back in the UK.

We have our usual collection of book, conference and journal reviews including two sponsored articles on the use of different types of dopaminergic therapy for Parkinson’s Disease (PD). l

 Roger Barker,  Co-Editor

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