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Posted in Neurology News on 11th Dec 2012

Nobel Prize Winner Opens Nikon Imaging Centre at King’s College London

Nikon Instruments UK opened their prestigious imaging centre at King’s College London recently. Opened by Professor Roger Tsien, Nobel Prize winner, University of California, San Diego and Professor Roger Morris, Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences at King’s, the Nikon Imaging Centre will allow researchers access to state-of-the-art technology all day, every day.  The centre features a number of advanced imaging systems including Nikon’s super resolution imaging systems N-SIM and N-STORM, spinning disk confocals, point scanning confocal and a multiphoton imaging system.

Nikon’s advanced imaging systems will provide a wide variety of technology to a range of disciplines, opening up access to scientific imaging for researchers.  With modern science, researchers may need to undertake different imaging techniques and with limited access to the appropriate equipment, this could be a difficult task.  With the Nikon Imaging Centre at King’s, researchers have access to different imaging systems, providing them with the appropriate imaging technique.  Having access to a centre like this will revolutionise and assist with scientific breakthroughs in cancer research, neuroscience and cardiovascular research etc. by meeting researchers’ needs.

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New Q-Sense pain management tool from Medoc

The Q-Sense is a QST (Quantitative Sensory Testing) device, including advanced software package, designed for clinical use and research in the field of Pain Management.

The Q-Sense enables clinicians to perform various thermal test paradigms including the method of Limits, Levels and TSL. These test paradigms can be used for a wide range of thermal QST pain measures such as thermal pain threshold.

The unit has a simple 10-15 minute set up and installation time, an easy to use patient response unit and a simple user interface, offering maximum flexibility with minimum opportunity for user error. The test run takes just 3 steps, and there is a built in report generator.

The Q-Sense is available at £7,500.00 for a limited time only. For more information contact

Brain Vision on Tel.  020 8543 0022, E.

Swisslog’s Automated Guided Vehicle System chosen for the New South Glasgow Hospital

Swisslog has been awarded the contract for logistic system with 22 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) at the New South Glasgow Hospital. The hospital will provide the largest critical care complex in Scotland.

Swisslog worked closely with the main construction contractors, to propose a solution that fully realised the aspirations of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS board to deliver a modern world-class hospitals that makes best use of the latest technological solutions. Dynamic computers simulations validated the AGV proposal and were used to identify the scope of the various equipment interfaces and human resources necessary to work alongside the robotic systems.

By moving the vast majority of goods around the hospitals by AGV provides a safer system of work and reduce the risk of moving & handling injuries. They are safe and people friendly and will allow to provide efficient and reliable deliveries to the wards and departments.

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 Fujifilm recruit an additional Applications Specialist

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare, with a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven, products and technologies designed to assist medical professionals perform efficiently and effectively.

Due to the company’s increasing customer base and expanding product portfolio, Fujifilm have recruited a further Applications Specialist. Laura Wilkins will provide customer support for Fujifilm’s range of CR, DR and PACS systems throughout the North West and Wales.

Laura is qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography together with a PGC in Medical Imaging. She spent her formative years working as a Radiographer for the NHS in Oldham and then Wrexham.

Commenting on her appointment as Applications Specialist, Laura said: “I enjoyed my role within the NHS especially providing regular training sessions for students. I am looking forward to providing on-site training, demonstrations and product support to our customers.”

For more information contact Fujifilm on Tel. 01234 572 000.

Hear Professor K Ray Chaudhuri discuss the EUROINF survey online

In a webinar held on Wednesday 20th June, Professor Chaudhuri (King’s College Hospital, London and Clinical Director of the National Parkinson Foundation), discussed the results of the ongoing EUROINF survey. Central to this is the significant benefit of two pump based treatments – apomorphine and intrajejunal levodopa infusion. Pump based treatment may remain an option even in patients who would otherwise be unsuitable for surgical therapy.

First presented in Poster form at the ‘MDS 16th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders’ the ‘real life’ observational study is the work of EUROPAR, an academic multi-disciplinary group of movement disorders specialists, supported by EPDA and the PD Non Motor Group and is the largest cohort study so far.

Commenting on the study, Professor Chaudhuri said:

“This is the first comparative study of effects of apomorphine vs levodopa infusion which, unlike conventional studies, includes non-motor as well as motor symptoms. These include sleep, mood, fatigue and pain, which are recognised as primary determinants of quality of life in Parkinson’s.”

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