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Posted in Neurology News on 19th Aug 2013

Fujifilm introduce Synapse Mobility

fujifilmFujifilm is now providing Radiologists and referring physicians with on-thego access to images and reports stored in Synapse PACS.

Synapse Mobility is a zero footprint application that enables access to Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS from hand-held mobile devices, as well as Macintosh or Windows-based PCs. Using the web browser or mobile device of their choice, radiologists and referring physicians can now review patient images and reports, increasing accessibility to patient information to optimise workflow.

Synapse Mobility also includes a collaboration feature designed to foster greater communication between professionals by allowing clinicians to consult in real-time. The collaboration feature enables physicians to bring information to their patients and ultimately aide in consultation during clinical situations such as the communication between physicians, referring clinicians and patients, using the web browser or mobile device of their choice.

A differentiator of Synapse Mobility is its ability to display high quality, interactive 3D images in any platform accessed, including iPads®, iPhones® and Android™ Smartphones. This interactive feature enables images to be manipulated using the zoom, window and level, and MIP/MPR within the application, just as the physician would do at a clinical workstation.

Synapse Mobility is browser independent and scalable, providing facilities with virtually an unlimited number of users.

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First licenced oral liquid suspension of clobazam Martindale Pharma has launched

tapclobTapclob 5mg/5ml and Tapclob 10mg/5ml Oral Suspension, the first licensed oral liquid suspension version of clobazam. Supplies of this widely used and much needed oral liquid version of clobazam are now available to fulfill prescriptions. Tapclob will be distributed exclusively by Alliance Healthcare Distribution Limited.

Tapclob 5mg/5ml and 10mg/5ml Oral Suspension (clobazam oral suspension) will be used principally as an adjunctive therapy for epilepsy, with the majority of use believed to be in children. It is an off-white oral solution presented in a 150ml glass bottle in two strengths 5mg/5ml and 10mg/5ml to maximise flexibility of dosing. Tapclob has the same indications as clobazam tablets. This new licensed oral liquid version of clobazam not only allows for better ease of use, especially for paediatrics, but also provides healthcare professionals with a much needed replacement to prescribing expensive, unlicensed ‘special’ versions of clobazam oral liquid products.

For further information on Tapclob 5mg/5ml and 10mg/5ml Oral Suspension please contact Martindale Pharma on 0800 0287933 or our Medical Information Team on 01708 382145 or via

Professor Nick Alderman leads on the expansion of care pathways for patients with acquired brain injury in PiC Brain Injury Services in Essex

nickaldermanThe new care pathways for patients with an acquired brain injury will enable patients to step down from a low secure setting to locked rehabilitation and community rehabilitation, whilst being supported by the same clinical team, providing stability and consistency on treatment. The provision of a low secure service will enable the treatment of patients with challenging behaviour to benefit from an intensive rehabilitation programme in a safe and structured environment.

Brain Injury Services were established in 1985 at Grafton Manor, Northampton as the first brain injury rehabilitation hospital in the UK. Brain Injury provision expanded with a 17 bedded unit in Essex, in 1995, building on the expertise at Grafton Manor.

The new care pathways for patients with an acquired brain injury, often accompanied by challenging behaviour and a forensic history are led by leading expert Professor Nick Alderman, and a highly experienced and established full multi-disciplinary team including Psychology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Rehabilitation Workers The discharge care pathway now offers an 8 bed low secure unit Rowan Ward with a step down locked rehab unit (8 beds) on site known as Redwood.

With time-lined goals and objectives, patients are supported to move quickly through the pathway to locked rehabilitation and finally community rehabilitation where they will develop the skills and experience they need to move back home to their families or to an alternative long term placement. BIS has an extensive and proven track record in treating and stabilising patients with challenging behaviour enabling them to fully participate and successfully complete a rehabilitation programme to their optimum potential.

A patient currently placed in BIS Essex said “That’s the main thing I get out of it, the incentive to keep going”. The launch of the low secure services and extended pathway comes shortly after the nomination for BIS Essex at the Laing and Buisson awards for their innovation in services following the development of their time-lined patient focused treatment tool.

The provision of a full discharge pathway has been launched by Professor Nick Alderman, Director of Clinical Services who joined BIS in May 2013. Professor Alderman says “The service model is Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation, a specialist approach with proven clinical outcomes using recognised outcome measures such as SASNOS. BIS clinically demonstrates a successful, intensive and specialist rehabilitation programme with a proven discharge pathway to community rehabilitation and successful and sustainable discharge”.