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A Text from Montmartre

Posted in Comment on 25th Mar 2014


Charcot’s mausoleum, Paris

A general physician friend texted this picture one morning.  I quipped that Paris seemed a long way to go to find a neurologist.  His reply?  “It’s Saturday”.

So here was a joke between friends that points straight to the heart of the elephant in the room of UK neurology.  On evenings and weekends we have acute hospitals where no Consultant Neurologist is available to see the patient, some in which Consultant Neurologists are personally assessing all acute neurology (including suspected stroke for thrombolysis), and some where the Consultant Neurologist is on-call one in thirty supervising a Neurology Registrar from home.

The Future Hospitals Commission report1 tells us that the situation needs to change.  The question is whether neurology drives that change or has change imposed upon it.

For those Neurologists that disagree with the FHC can I respectfully ask how they might feel and react if a relative or good friend, suffering from headache, fever and confusion, was admitted to one of the UK’s (neurologically) darker places?

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