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Contents: March/April 2015 issue

Posted in Editor's introduction on 19th Oct 2015

Mike Zandi head shotIn this issue Sunaina Yadav, Colombo and Pankaj Sharma, Imperial College, write an excellent review article on the genetics of ischaemic stroke, from CADASIL to common variants that influence ischaemic stroke risk in the general population. This article is introduced further by David Werring on page 6, who is staying on as a Stroke Editor for ACNR to continue the thread of stroke related content.

Irene Sambri and Alessandro Fraldi, Naples write a comprehensive and up-to-date review of lysosomal dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases, providing an update on autophagy and newly discovered disease mechanisms, including α-synuclein accumulation.

In our rehabilitation article, neuropsychologist Daniel Friedland, Hertfordshire, writes the obituary of the post-concussion syndrome. He discusses the problems of attributing symptoms after mild head injury, the problems of disease classification, not only those experienced in research, due to the DSM5 revisions which have abandoned the entity, but also those clinically. We are encouraged to abandon using the term post-concussion syndrome, and to instead examine symptoms after mild brain injuries, including identifying and treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

In our historical article, Andrew Larner provides a reappraisal of the coverage of cognitive disorders in the Manual of Diseases of the Nervous System of William Gowers, who died a hundred years ago this year.

Geraint Fuller introduces this years ABN meeting in Harrogate on page 32, and Sayan Datta, Leeds and Helen Devine, London, of the ABNT preview the meeting’s trainee sessions. We welcome Sian Alexander to the editorial board. We have our usual reviews, and hope you enjoy this issue of ACNR.

Mike Zandi, Editor.

ACNR 2015;15(1);4.  Online 19/10/15