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Contents: Jan/Feb 2016 issue

Posted in Editor's introduction on 10th Feb 2016

In this issue Emma Devenney and John Hodges from Sydney write an update on frontotemporal dementia (FTD), highlighting the major advances in the field which, over the last decade or so, have seen a greater understanding of how the different clinical FTD subtypes relate to their underlying pathology and genetics, and how the groundbreaking identification of the C9orf72 gene expansion has contributed to understanding the connection between FTD and motor neurone disease.
Viorica Chelban, Conceição Bettencourt, and Henry Houlden from London write a cogent update on multiple system atrophy including a neat summary of the underlying genetics and pathology, with a focus on treatment options and promising future therapeutic strategies and targets. The article is paired with a note from MSA Nurse Specialist, Samantha Pavey from the UK MSA Trust raising awareness of the role of this organisation in delivering care to MSA patients throughout the UK and Ireland.
Craig Pearson and Keith Martin from Cambridge write a fascinating article about the current state of play with regard to cell-based therapies for glaucoma. Areas of active research include inducing endogenous pluripotent stem cells to repair trabecular meshwork function in the eye damaged by glaucoma, transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells which can release neurotrophic factors into the retina, and transplantation and graft integration of differentiated cells into damaged retina.
Killian Welch from Edinburgh has written an invaluable approach to the commonly encountered, but often dreaded, scenario of assessing and managing the agitated ward patient.
Claire McCarthy from Cambridge provides a summary of the recent report on the burden of hospitalisation of MS patients in England; part of a collaboration between the MS trust and the NHiS Commissioning Excellence group. The document is an important one for highlighting areas where anticipatory care might prevent admissions in MS patients.
The issue also contains the latest conference reports on the AAIC conference in Washington, the Wessex Dementia Collaboration Conference in Southampton and a report on Meningitis and Septicaemia in Children and Adults. Here on the website we also have a report on the UKABIF conference in London. There is also a book review from Ronan O’Malley and a journal review from Luca Nart.

Todd Hardy, Co-Editor.

ACNR 2016;15(6):4.  Online 09/02/2016