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Ketogenic diet and metabolic therapies: expanding roles in health and disease

Posted in Book Reviews on 8th Dec 2017


Edited by: Susan Masino (Ed)
Published by: Oxford University Press
Price: £87.00
ISBN: 0190497998
Pages: 424 pages
Reviewed by: Kirsty Martin-McGill, Research Dietitian, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, UK
Published online: 12/12/2017

‘Ketogenic diet and metabolic therapies: expanding roles in health and disease’ by Masino, presents a comprehensive review of this quickly developing area of nutrition and metabolism.

The authors, world experts in their research fields, begin with the robust base for the diet’s use in the management of refractory epilepsy before branching out into novel applications of the diet; including cancer, autism spectrum disorders, aging and spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. The book goes beyond similar texts in the area, discussing areas of increasing popularity within public, clinical and research communities.

The author also proficiently combines dietary evidence with basic science, discussing mechanisms underlying the antiepileptogenic benefits and pathophysiologies other than epilepsy; concluding with the role of ketogenic diets as metabolic alternatives in health, fitness and disease.

Sceptics should expect nothing less than the title describes. Those wanting to dip their toes into ketones – wondering what it is all about, and those looking to branch out into the potentially vast new applications of the diet, should expect a worthwhile, enthusiastic read!