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Posted in Editor's introduction on 14th Feb 2019

Harsha Narayanamurthy, Peter Whitfield, and Kathreena Kurian (Bristol and Plymouth) distil the 2016 World Health Organisation classification of adult brain tumours, which takes a molecular approach to help develop personalised medicine.

Zheyu Xu and Kirstie Anderson (Newcastle) highlight the pitfalls of the commonly-prescribed Z-drugs (non-benzodiazepine receptor drugs for insomnia) with an indepth analysis of the literature.

Dr Pearce discusses Gerhard Hansen’s contribution to the study of leprosy, in the context of the work of Pasteur and Koch in the 1860s and 1870s, a brief clash with Neisser, and fall from grace in court in Bergen.

A second article from Dr Pearce reminds us of Sigmund Freud’s origins as a neurologist and draws attention to some of his more significant, but neglected contributions to neurology.

Andrew Larner engagingly and critically appraises the updated NICE dementia guidelines.

Peter Brex and Victoria Williams from London summarise the history of MS diagnostic criteria and provide an update on the key features of the 2017 Revisions of the McDonald Criteria, including the resurgence of a role for CSF examination for oligoclonal bands to facilitate earlier diagnosis in a subset of patients who would formerly have been labelled as having a clinically isolated syndrome of demyelination.

In our personal perspectives, writer Kate Swindlehurst movingly describes the experience of Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect, while in a special feature, Mike Barnes give us his view on the current status of cannabis oil.

Elizabeth McCusker from Sydney discusses important early findings in patients with pre-manifest Huntington’s disease (HD), and contemplates why it may be worth making an earlier diagnosis of HD.

Gewei Zhou and Kirstie Anderson from Newcastle, UK review and explore the association between sleep disorders and cardiovascular health.

Our neurosurgical article is from Josephine Jung, Jordan Lam, Ruth-Mary deSouza, Ian Anderson and Paul Chumas, who comprehensively summarise the clinical diversity, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of the craniosynostoses.

Our ABNT section includes an article from Helen Grote from London on how she is acquiring important extracurricular skills as part of her neurology training, discussing her role in the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, and informing other trainees of how to gain experience sitting on committees that shape our profession. The ABNT also consider the mentoring experience from both sides of the fence, with an article from Tim Rittman and Srikirti Kodali.

Sociologist, Nikolas Rose, and historian, Caitjan Gainty from London write an interesting piece contemplating how neurologists “see” their patients and how this might evolve over time, using the films of mid-20th century Psychiatrist and Neurologist, Kurt Goldstein as a starting point.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of highlights from recent issues.

Mike Zandi, Todd Hardy and Ann Donnelly