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Posted in Editor's introduction on 8th May 2019

Dear readers

In ‘interesting’ times, people find comfort in certainty, and simplicity. This journal is a joyous exploration of neurology, written by contributors who have dedicated their careers to finding certainty in an uncertain world.

We explore neurology from myriad angles, ranging from a view into the future of translational research to the individual, unique view of a patient with migraine. A review ( from Kirsten Revell, of animal models of Huntingtin mRNA suppression and murine models of Huntington’s disease, considers how knowledge gained here may potentially lead to benefits in our managment of human disease. Dr Francesca Ammoscato and Dr Sharmilee Gnanapavan summarise current knowledge in biomarkers of multiple sclerosis.

The fixed dilated pupil, in a patient with raised intracranial pressure, is a warning sign to all. How we, as a profession, have come to recognise its significance, and the probable aetiology, is beautifully laid out by Emeritus Neurologist JMS Pearce. He has delineated the historical evolution of our understanding of this sign in a thought-provoking piece.

At the bedside, Dr Sarah Leeder illuminates the requirement for, and process of, screening for pituitary dysfunction in patients with traumatic brain injury. A risk benefit analysis of the use of ‘Z’ drugs in patients with insomnia, Dr David O’Regan offers us an opportunity to refine our practice and offer our individual patients the best option for them.

We have also reviewed many exciting meetings, including the Encephalitis Society Conference 2018, and David Marsden Movement Disorders Symposium.

In this time of flux one certainty we can share will be that the upcoming ABN meeting, will be a great chance to meet, to exchange ideas and to consolidate our knowledge (and surely test it at the no doubt entertaining and intriguing CPC). Dr Peter Fernandes and Dr Samuel Shribman add to the building excitement by providing us with an overview of the programme, and an introduction to the city of Edinburgh.

We hope you enjoy this issue of ACNR.

Ann Donnelly, Co-Editor Email.

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