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Posted in Editor's introduction on 2nd Oct 2019

Welcome to this very international issue of ACNR.

Thanuja Dharmadasa from Oxford and Neil Simon from Sydney reveal the emerging role of MRI as a valuable addition to electrodiagnostic testing in peripheral nerve neurology.

David Wong from Brisbane and Mike Boggild from Townsville review the use of plasma exchange in the management of CNS inflammatory demyelinating disorders, and argue that early plasma exchange (within 2-5 days of relapse onset) may result in better outcomes than waiting until corticosteroids have failed. Evidence for this approach seems most compelling in neuromyelitis spectrum disorders.

Online First, you can find our rehabilitation article from Wendy Magee from Philadelphia who summarises the intriguing evidence indicating that music therapy (either listening or playing) can aid neurorehabilitation.

David Veale, Felix de Carvalho, and Jessica Coffin from London posit that frequent nursing observation on psychiatric patients overnight contributes to poor sleep and exacerbates mental health problems and should be scaled back.

Emma Argaet, Andrew Bradshaw and Miriam Welgampola from Sydney offer an illustrated primer on distinguishing the different canal variants of benign peripheral positional vertigo, and present concise cases of relevant differential diagnoses. Readers are encouraged to watch the video content linked from within the article demonstrating different patterns of nystagmus with Frenzel glasses.

Also in this issue, JMS Pearce “focuses” his attention on historical observations related to the swollen optic disc in clinical neurology. He illustrates that it took some time for neurologists to realise that papilloedema can arise due to a variety of different pathologies in the brain or optic nerve.

Lastly, we have all the latest conference reports and book reviews, plus information about upcoming events.

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