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Signals of Change: Recognising the early signs of progression to SPMS

Posted in Sponsored Feature on 26th Nov 2020

This report explores four diverse perspectives from across the multidisciplinary team and a person with MS and discusses the landscape and challenges in SPMS diagnosis within the clinical and community setting:

  • Consultant Neurologist: Dr David Paling on staying curious
  • MS Clinical Nurse Specialist: Sarah White on honest assessments
  • Allied Healthcare Professional: Tania Burge on coordinating care
  • Person with MS: Patrick Burke on the three pillars of support

The insights from these different perspectives challenge our thinking around our current approach to clinic appointments and coordinated multidisciplinary care, and outline the need to strive for more urgent, curious and honest conversations with PwMS (people with MS) about the reality of their future. From investigative consultations, coordinating multidisciplinary team care, educational tools and keeping PwMS at the centre of their management, we suggest that the MS community continues to strive towards being as proactive as possible in recognising the signals of change that characterise progression.

These signals of change will help raise awareness and urgency to drive towards an earlier recognition of SPMS, improve consultations and provide PwMS with early access to the vital information they require to navigate the changing course of their disease.

This article has been sponsored and written by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd in collaboration with expert contributors.

MUL20-C061a November 2020

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