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NeuroLifeNow App

Posted in Industry News on 23rd Feb 2021

The Brain & Spine Foundation and The Neurological Alliance have come together to launch the NeuroLifeNow App and website to support people with neurological conditions to more easily share their experience of healthcare.

NeuroLifeNow will encourage people with any neurological condition to report what their life has been like during this pandemic, and how they are accessing care on a monthly basis through a patient survey. In return, people will receive monthly updates about what the neurological community are experiencing, access to support services provided by the Brain & Spine Foundation, as well as have the opportunity to directly shape the future of the App.

Experiences shared via the NeuroLifeNow App will be used to influence how neurological services are funded and delivered. It is the first time a digital tool has been developed to capture patient experience data on a continuous basis across all ‘neurological’ conditions. It puts ‘lived experience’ at the heart of learning about how to deploy and develop services at a time when the NHS is under pressure to create more agile ways of working. We hope to have 1000 responses to the questionnaires by the end of March 2021.

Marc Smith, CEO at Brain & Spine Foundation said:

At a time when it is most needed, this initiative demonstrates the power of collaboration to address a real-world problem being experienced by a large number of people. NeuroLifeNow has brought together commercial partners, charity organisations and healthcare providers to deliver an effective and practical solution. It’s testimony to the power of shared vision and collective action that this has been delivered in such short time. It has great potential and we look forward to evaluating its impact and the changes it brings about.

By sharing first-person data with commissioners of neurological services, NeuroLifeNow’s long-term goal is to provide a critical mass of evidence from people with neurological conditions to improve diagnosis, treatment and care in neurology.

To find out more about the NeuroLifeNow App and you can share it with your patients, email  or visit