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Zeposia Tablets Approved in Scotland to Treat Active RRMS

Posted in Industry News on 10th Feb 2021

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has approved Zeposia (ozanimod) for the treatment of active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Zeposia is a tablet, to be taken orally once daily.

The SMC has recommended that Zeposia be prescribed for people with RRMS who experience relapses or have evidence of disease activity on brain imaging.

 The approval of Zeposia in Scotland increases the choices for people with relapsing MS, particularly those who prefer taking a tablet. An expanding range of drugs that work in different ways and have different benefits and risks means more people can find the treatment that is best for them                                                                   David Martin, CEO of the MS Trust in the UK.

The SMC approval follows a recent draft recommendation from NICE, which opposed the treatment being made available through the NHS to people with RRMS in England and Wales. In its draft recommendation, NICE acknowledged that ozanimod reduces the number of relapses and brain lesions compared to beta interferon (Avonex) but was unsure of ozanimod’s ability to slow down disability progression. As a result, it was not considered to be cost-effective for the NHS.

NICE has requested more data from Zeposia’s manufacturer, Celgene, now a subsidiary of Bristol Myers Squibb.

Comments on that initial decision can be made through NICE’s website until 5pm on Friday February 12th.