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From the Publisher…

Posted in Special Feature on 11th Mar 2021

Publisher Rachael Hansford

ACNR Publisher, Rachael Hansford

Twenty years ago this month we published the first issue of ACNR, with Roger Barker as Editor. A lot has changed since then, but I’m pleased that ACNR remains true to its original concept.

In 1999 I was living in Edinburgh and working for a small publisher of medical magazines. Though it was a small company, the women I worked with were incredibly inspiring and there was a real sense that we could achieve anything we set our minds to. By this point, one of my siblings had already sustained two serious brain injuries – a third followed in 2013.

The idea of branching out on my own to launch a free publication for specialists working in neurology and rehabilitation didn’t seem that far-fetched.  I was lucky that my research quickly led me to Roger, who was also keen on the concept of a free publication and the opportunity to bring neuroscience to the wider neurology community.  He didn’t see any issue with launching a publication with an unknown young woman who had no obvious backing. Thankfully, neither did Stephen Kirker who agreed to join us as Rehabilitation Editor.


If you’re interested to hear the story of how ACNR started, please do listen to our first ever podcast, coming very soon (keep an eye on Roger and I sat down recently with Srikirti Kodali to discuss our first meeting, the early days and the ten years that Roger was Editor. A second podcast focusing on Roger’s career will follow shortly. 

ACNR isn’t affiliated with any societies or organisations, and publication has only been possible thanks to our many contributors and advertisers.

So I would just like to say a huge personal thank you to everyone who has been a part of ACNR’s journey over the past 20 years: to our Co-Editors Todd Hardy and Ann Donnelly, who somehow manage to squeeze ACNR into their already busy lives; Mike Zandi who steered us through our second decade; the many specialists who have so generously joined our editorial team, written or peer reviewed articles; and the advertisers whose support has made our free journal model sustainable.

Thanks also to our designer Donna who has been alongside me since those Edinburgh days, Anna who has co-ordinated the editorial for the past 15 years – and you the reader of course, without whom the whole exercise would be pointless!