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Acute Neurology Masterclass

Posted in Course & Conference Previews on 29th Mar 2021

The Acute Neurology Masterclass aims to provide an overview of the management of common and emergency neurological problems presenting to hospital. The acute neurology service at St. George’s Hospital, London, UK is one of the first dedicated services set up in the country.

Attendants of the course will be taught through interactive case-based lectures, each vignette offering practical solutions to acute neurological problems.

Topics covered include acute headaches, stroke and stroke mimics, seizures, dizzy spells, funny turns, functional neurological disorders, MS and neuromuscular emergencies.

Course Leader

Dr Kuven Moodley & Dr Pablo Garcia Reitboeck

Course Description

Learners will develop a framework on how to diagnose and treat common acute neurological conditions and neurological emergencies, which includes:

  1. Approach to diagnosis and management of primary and secondary headache disorders presenting to the ED
  2. Diagnosis and management of stroke and how to distinguish stroke from stroke mimics
  3. Diagnostic approach to patients presenting with loss of awareness
  4. Management of neuromuscular emergencies
  5. Approach to diagnosis of the “dizzy” patient
  6. Recognition of functional neurological disorders
  7. How to diagnose and manage CNS infections

Speciality: General physicians (CMT trainees, medical SpRs, medical consultants), emergency doctors, and neurology ST3s

You will be provided a certificate of attendance and CPD will be sought by the Royal College of Physicians.

Cost: £30/Consultants, £20/trainees

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