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Celebrating 100 years of the scientific use of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

Posted in Course & Conference Previews on 7th Jul 2021

1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference 

Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies – Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group

It is almost impossible to watch all the talks at a 3-day live stream conference alongside professional work. The European Keto Live Centre have therefore created the KL E-Learning-Conference 2021/2022, certified as Continuing Medical Education by the Bavarian State Chamber of Physicians BLÄK. This gives the opportunity to watch, learn and collect CME/CPD Credits at your own pace. Both parts can be purchased separately.

50 CME Credits for Part I – Conference Language English

22 CME Credits for Part II – Conference Language German

The Conference and Early Bird Registration is online now, please visit

For any questions, please contact

Information & Training Centre – Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies: