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  • Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev, (1857-1927)
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  • 06th Jan 2020

  • JMS Pearce MD, FRCP, Emeritus Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Hull Royal Infirmary, UK.Correspondence to: J.M.S. Pearce, 304 Beverley Road Anlaby, East Yorks, HU10 7BG, UK. Email: jms.pearce@me.comConflict of Interest statement: None declared.Date first submitted: 19/12/18Acceptance date: 10/1/19Published online: 6/1/20To cite: Pearce JMS. ACNR 2020;19(2);26-27 Published under a Creative Commons license   Among many Russian neuroscientists (who included Vladimir […]