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Volume 20, Issue 3

Published on 9th Aug 2021

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Advances in Clinical Neuroscience & Rehabilitation
Online ISSN 2397-267X, Paper ISSN 1473-9348

ACNR is a UK-based, international, open access, peer reviewed neurology journal which aims to keep busy practicing neurology and neuro rehabilitation specialists up-to-date with the latest advances in their fields, including areas of neurology and neuroscience outside their main area of sub-specialty interest. The major content of ACNR is short reviews commissioned independently from leading UK and international experts with a focus on emerging knowledge about clinical neuroscience, neurology, neuro rehabilitation and therapeutics.

We will consider submissions of reviews and original research articles, please see our instructions for authors or email the Publisher for details.

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Articles in this issue

  • Lewy Body UK Conference 2021
  • Posted in Courses & Conferences

  • 20th Sep 2021

  • Conference details: 15 June, 2021. Conference streamed virtually. Report by: Jerry Hai Kok Tan, Postgraduate Research Student, Newcastle University, UK. Conflict of interest statement:...
  • BNPA 2021
  • Posted in Courses & Conferences

  • 20th Sep 2021

  • Conference details: 11 March, 2021 Report by: Dr. Camilla Nord , Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry, UK. Conflict of...
  • A Tattoo on my Brain
  • Posted in Book Reviews

  • 24th May 2021

  • Dr Daniel Gibbs is one of 50 million people worldwide with an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Unlike most patients with Alzheimer’s, however, Dr Gibbs worked...