40th Edinburgh Clinical Neurology Course

Conference details: October 1st –  2nd  2018, Edinburgh, UK

Topics include:

Challenging case studies; What’s recent in stroke;  Dementia;  Low grade glioma; Trials and tribulations of clinical trials;  How (and why) to set up a neurology book club;  Epilepsy;  Neuropathic Pain;  Everything a neurologist needs to know about the bladder;  Psychiatry – neurology interface, linked by antibodies;  Functional disorders: difficult encounters and how to sometimes solve them;  There’s more to life than first world medicine

Invited lecture from Marty Samuels, Harvard University


Confirmed speakers:     David Bennett, Chris Derry, Ruth Dobson, Robin Grant, Tom Hughes, Diego Kaski, Chris Kobylecki, Belinda Lennox, Harry McNaughton, Cath Mummery, Jalesh Panicker, Marty Samuels, Peter Sandercock, Phil Smith, Jon Stone, Alok Tyagi, Will Whitele

Further details: