Author Disclosure

In the interest of transparency, we ask you to disclose all relationships, activities or interests listed in this form that are related to the content of your article. “Related” means any relation with for-profit or not-for-profit third parties whose interests may be affected by the content of the article. Disclosure represents a commitment to transparency and does not necessarily indicate a bias. If you are in doubt about whether to list a relationships, activities or interest, it is preferable that you do so.

The following questions apply to the author’s relationships, activities or interests as they relate to the current article only.

The author’s relationships, activities or interests should be defined broadly. For example, if your article pertains to the epidemiology of hypertension, you should declare all relationships with manufacturers of antihypertensive medication, even if that medication is not mentioned in the article.

In the first question, report all support for the work reported in this manuscript without time limit. For all other items, the time frame for disclosure is the past 36 months.