ACNR Policies and Forms

Advertising Policy

Advertising and sponsorship associated with the journal has no influence on editorial decisions, is easily distinguishable from editorial and complies with the ABPI Code of Practice, as well as the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing. Read our full advertising policy here.

Conflict of Interest

Authors are responsible for disclosing all conflicts of interest in their manuscript including financial, consultant, institutional, personal and other relationships between themselves and others that might bias their work. Authors should use our online form to communicate any conflicts.

Concerns and Complaints

When scientific misconduct is alleged, or concerns are otherwise raised about the conduct or integrity of work described in submitted or published papers, the editors will initiate appropriate procedures detailed by committees such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Read more. In the first instance, please email the Publisher with any concerns.

Corrections, Retractions, Republications and Version Control

We handle corrections in line with guidance from the ICMJE. Read more here.

Data Sharing

Authors of original research articles are encouraged to share data supporting their results, but are not required to do so.

Data Availability Statement
If data is not being made available on publication, authors must specify why they are unable to do so, and this reason will be included in the published article. Authors must agree to make any data required to support or replicate claims made in an article available privately to the journal’s editors, reviewers and readers without undue restriction or delay if requested.

If data is being shared, authors should archive it in an appropriate public repository, ie one widely adopted in their research community, or a general data repository.

They should also provide a data availability statement to be published in their article, which includes a link to the repository they have used. Where shared data is used, please provide a statement describing how this data can be accessed and include a persistent identifier (e.g., a DOI for the data) from the repository.

The decision to accept an article for publication will not be affected by whether or not authors share their research data publicly.

We encourage you to cite any data referred to in your article (including your own) in your reference list. References to datasets (data citations) must include a persistent identifier (such as a DOI). Citations of datasets, when they appear in the reference list, should include the minimum information recommended by DataCite and follow ACNR’s style.

Definition of Research Data
This policy applies to the research data that would be required to verify or replicate the results of research reported in articles published in the journal. Research data include data produced by the authors (“primary data”) and data from other sources that are analysed by authors in their study (“secondary data”). Research data includes any recorded factual material that are used to produce the results in digital and non-digital form.

Editorial Policy

ACNR is published in accordance with the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, a collaboration between The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), DOAJ, the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

We have a rigorous and transparent peer review process and papers are considered on the basis of whether they meet our aims and scope.

Find out more in our Instructions for Authors.

Ethics and Malpractice

Our ethics statement for ACNR is based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

ACNR’s policy is based on guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Any manuscript containing personal patient data must comply with the policy, and be submitted with a signed patient consent form. Read the full policy here.

Peer Review

ACNR’s review and research articles are peer-reviewed. Other contributed articles, conference reports, and book reviews are not usually peer-reviewed. However, these may be peer-reviewed at the discretion of the editors. Read more in our policy.


Whitehouse Publishing, the publishers of ACNR, are committed to protecting your privacy, read our policy.

Research Ethics Policy – Human and Animal Rights

All research involving human subjects must be conducted in accordance with the ethical principles laid out in the Declaration of Helsinki. Read more in our policy. ACNR does not publish animal research studies.