Volume 22, Issue 4

From the Editor

Todd Hardy, ACNR Co-Editor

This issue of ACNR caters well to the neurological omnivore by serving up articles on the central and peripheral nervous system, neuromuscular junction, muscle, and specialised rehabilitation.

In the first article, Mitchell Lycett and Karl Ng from Sydney provide a primer on neurophysiological techniques to assess muscle excitability. The primer can be viewed as a later companion piece to an article on peripheral nerve excitability written for ACNR in 2007 by Karl Ng and David Burke.

Jeremy Chataway introduces a series of articles for ACNR on the topic of multiple sclerosis (MS). In the first article about Comorbidities in MS, Charles Wade, Rafaelle Palladino, Sean Apap Mangion and Jeremy Chataway from London look at the importance of managing metabolic co-morbidities and osteoporosis as a therapeutic target in MS.

Georgina Burke from Southampton provides the latest in our myasthenia gravis series covering the essentials of how to approach pregnancy in mothers with myasthenia gravis, with a necessary focus on balancing the safety of the mother against the wellbeing of the unborn baby.

Our Rehabilitation article is by Rachel Higgins, Jenny Parker, Laura O’Flaherty, Nicola Perkins and Orlando Swayne and concentrates on the rehabilitation of patients with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. They divide rehabilitation for this condition into three main stages: prevention, adaptation and restoration.

Andrew Larner from Liverpool contributes an article commemorating the centenary of the life of Arnold Pick whose name is best known to most of us for his contribution to understanding the frontotemporal dementias.

JMS Pearce from Hull reviews the history of akathisia and its associations, from its initial description at the turn of the 20th century as a presumed psychogenic phenomenon, through to its later recognition as an extrapyramidal side effect of antipsychotic treatment.

The conference reports are from Amanda England reviewing The UK Stroke Forum 2023, Chloe Hayward on the 2023 UKABIF Summit, Stephen McKeever and Ava Easton who attended Encephalitis Conference 2023, and Viva Levee who was at the 2023 Traumatic Brain Injury Course.

Our book reviews are from Richard Rees on “A Tattoo on my Brain: A neurologist’s personal battle against Alzheimer’s disease” by Daniel Gibbs with Teresa H Barker, and Sophie Parslew on “Healing the Traumatised Brain – coping after concussion and other brain injuries” by Sandeep Vaishnavi and Vani Rao.

We hope you enjoy this edition of ACNR.

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Clinical Review Article
Multiple Sclerosis Series Article
Rehabilitation Series Article
Myasthenia Gravis Series Article
History of Neurology
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