Neurology Network Managers Meeting

Neurology Service Commissioning for service managers and commissioners
3rd December 2020: Online

Many Divisional Service Managers and commissioners have no clinical background and may not appreciate the complexities of elements of neurology services.  Since the departure of the Neurology National Clinical Director in 2016, local commissioners rarely include Neurology service improvement in their commissioning priorities. There is now a critical need for local leaders to communicate the opportunities to improve Neurological services to address this unmet need. Divisional Business Managers are well placed to take on this role.

The Neurology Managers Network supports service managers to promote the commissioning of high quality, outcomes focused, value for money neurology services that align to Integrated Care System models and Primary Care Networks.

Meeting objectives

  • To ensure managers are aware of operational issues that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Actively discuss care pathway models that have emerged in the pandemic
  • To understand what elements of care should be provided in face to face contacts and could use alternative virtual models
  • To highlight models of care that have emerged in the pandemic
  • Ultimately ensure patients have equitable access to:
    • appropriate, coordinated care
    • treatment modalities as needed

Who this meeting is for

Free to attend for NHS and related professionals, this half-day national network meeting will cover all the topical issues needed to deliver neurology services. Register at

Faculty leads

Professor Adrian Williams, NHSE Chair, Neurosciences CRG

Julie Riley, Divisional Director Neurology, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Georgina Carr, CEO, Neurological Alliance

Sue Thomas, CEO Commissioning Excellence, Wilmington Healthcare