COVID-19 rehabilitation webinar

UK data on rehabilitation needs & management pathways

Online 20th July, 2020; 2-4pm

COVID-19 rehabilitation webinar hosted by Manoj Sivan, in association with ACNR, The Society for Research in Rehabilitation (SRR), The British Society for Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM) and The Community Therapists Network (CTN)

This webinar aims for professionals to share local data on COVID-19 short- and long-term symptoms in survivors, and local care pathways to meet rehabilitation needs. The aim is for experts to learn best practice in the UK and foster consensus on best possible care for COVID-19 survivors in the NHS. 

UK Programme overview

There will be a series of presentations by clinicians and professionals involved in developing integrated care pathways for individuals recovering from COVID-19 in the community. The host Dr Manoj Sivan, Associate Clinical Professor and Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Leeds will be joined by several rehabilitation professionals including:

  • Dr Stephen Halpin, Leeds
  • Dr Simon Holbrook and Johanna Nicholson, Harrogate
  • Ms Angela Green and Dr Abayomi Salawu, Hull
  • Prof Diane Playford, Warwick
  • Ms Siobhan Wilde, Central Manchester Hospitals
  • Mr Jeremy Gee and Dr Elizabeth Stoppard, Airedale
  • Ms Rebecca Hope (Physiotherapist) and Dr Hollie Ringrose (RM consultant), Lancashire
  • Dr Emily Thomas (RM consultant), Southampton

The 2 hour free webinar will comprise short talks, each lasting 10 mins, to cover post-discharge symptoms (rehabilitation needs) data if available and post-discharge care pathways summary. To attend please book your place here

Delegates may be interested to read ‘Assessing long-term rehabilitation needs in COVID-19 survivors using a telephone screening tool (C19-YRS tool)’ 

You can also download a PDF  or a Word version of the screening tool.