Japanese Encephalitis Masterclass

Wednesday, 6th April – 8pm (New South Wales, Victoria) / 11am (BST)

Japanese encephalitis

Do you want to learn more about Japanese encephalitis?

Following the recent outbreak in Australia, the Encephalitis Society has organised a free Japanese Encephalitis Masterclass on Wednesday, 6th April at 8pm (New South Wales, Victoria)

This live masterclass is aimed at healthcare professionals of all levels, including medical students, neurologists, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, emergency practitioners and nurses who want to discover more about the condition.

Areas which will be covered include:

  • Epidemiology of Japanese encephalitis
  • Vaccination and prevention of Japanese encephalitis
  • Managing adult patients affected by Japanese encephalitis
  • Managing paediatric patients affected by Japanese encephalitis
  • Patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • Latest developments on recent outbreak in Australia

There will also be  plenty of time for Q&A with each speaker and discussions.

Please note: A recording of the Japanese Encephalitis Masterclass will be made available following the live webinar for those who register. Book your free place: https://www.encephalitis.info/jev-masterclass