KetoConference 2020

Now in its 6th year, Nutricia’s annual KetoConference 2020 provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to gather, review and share key research, guidelines and clinical perspectives in the use of Ketogenic Dietary Therapy (KDT) in epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Due to restrictions in place due to COVID19 KetoConference is being held virtually this year with a shorter than usual programme.

KetoConference scientific programme has been developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals from the UK and includes a virtual poster round.

Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) are effective in controlling epileptic seizures for about 70% of patients however, 30% of patients are drug resistant. The resulting complex epilepsy requires consideration of alternative management options. KDT is a robust and recognised management option for those failing to respond to medication. Despite this, awareness of the efficacy of KDT remains low in both medical professionals and patients.

KetoConference aims to raise awareness, share practice and educate healthcare professionals practicing in this field by providing highly regarded scientific content as well as practical advice and ways of implementation.

After attending the meeting participants will have a better understanding of and have practical solutions to optimise their clinical practice in the following aspects of KDT:

  • Adapting KDT service provision effectively to be delivered virtually
  • The use of the KD in managing type 1 diabetes
  • The relationship between stress, epilepsy and KD
  • How the gut microbiome contributes to KD

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