MS Leadership MasterClass

A clinically-led national programme to tackle variance in MS services has created a bespoke leadership course to equip healthcare professionals to affect change from the ground up.

The programme, ‘Raising the bar for MS’ has outlined a three-year plan ‘to improve MS services for all people with MS and their families, and to make delivering these services for all involved a rich and rewarding experience.’

Professor Gavin Giovannoni, chair of the programme’s steering group, said, ‘It was clear to us at last year’s meeting that for our vision to be realised we need a new generation of leaders to make things happen.’

Neurology Academy, who is supporting the programme, has just launched its first Leadership MasterClass specifically to equip clinicians to lead for change. The selective course, led by Professor Gabriele de Luca and Barbara Hoese, will equip delegates to confidently and effectively lead change, so that people living with MS across the UK can access the best possible care and support they can – to lead the lives they want to live.

‘Leadership is, simply put, influencing someone for the common good’. If you are an MS specialist or a clinician with an interest in MS and you want to see change in your area, you have the ability to lead that change. The fully-funded Leadership MasterClass is available to help show you how.

Applications close in 4 weeks; to find out more or to submit an application, visit and select ‘Courses’.