Neurology Courses for Trainees: A 2020 Update

Dr Amy Ross Russell is an ST6 Neurology SpR in Wessex, and Chair of the Association of British Neurology Trainees.

Dr Angelika Zarkali is a Neurology SpR in South London, Secretary of the Association of British Neurology Trainees and ACNR’s Course & Conference Editor.

Conflict of interest statement: Both authors report no conflicts of interest.
Date first submitted: 4/2/20
Acceptance date: 6/2/20
Published online: 7/2/20

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Irrespective of our chosen sub-specialty, having good general knowledge across the width and breadth of neurology is necessary for all practising neurologists and therefore essential for all registrars during their specialty training, and consultants once qualified. In addition to clinical experience, local teaching and regional training days, general and specialist courses are an excellent way to stay up-to-date with evolving areas, and refresh your knowledge on areas outside your daily scope of practice.

Study leave and reimbursement can be challenging, especially in the context of increasingly diverse and complex working patterns and demanding clinical commitments, so advance notice and planning is key to avoid disappointment. Current guidelines for study leave specifically require courses to be directly relevant to trainees curriculum needs, and favour local courses over those requiring travel. There are so many great learning opportunities, and fantastic courses to go on, that choosing can be difficult. Knowing what is available locally, at low-cost, and within your particular area of interest or your suggested area for development should facilitate a smoother and more rewarding experience.

This is not a comprehensive guide of all courses of interest to UK neurology trainees. Instead we hope to direct trainees’ attention to available courses, over a wide geographical area, with a focus on those that are on offer this year.  We have highlighted some particular courses of interest- splitting these in to; general neurology courses, ideal for broad coverage of major neurology topics, and major breakthroughs in research, diagnosis or management; sub-specialty courses, often run by special interest groups or societies, which focus on particular subspecialties, and provide a forum for networking, focussed education and often presentation, and regional courses, which are usually free, local, often more relaxed, and focus on relevant general neurology.

General Neurology Courses

ABN Annual Meeting and Trainee Day

All annual ABN meetings now include a Trainee day. This takes place the day before the main meeting, is tailored to meet the needs of neurology trainees and is free to attend for all associate members (regardless of whether you attend the main meeting or not).

This year’s programme will focus on the clinical approach to acute and chronic weakness, a “finding your niche” session, highlighting clinical subspecialty topics, and a discussion around medicolegal work.

The afternoon concludes with the ABNT forum- an opportunity to keep up-to-date with current trainee issues and to have your opinion heard. This is followed by the trainee dinner, which is a great opportunity to catch up and socialise with friends training across the country.

The main meeting follows this with opportunities for poster and platform presentations. Bursaries are available for trainees who are first authors of an accepted abstract. Key themes this year will be brain injury, headache, pain and dementia. There will also be the exciting new neuro opportunities forum- a chance to hear about exciting research and clinical opportunities available across the country.

Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician

This is an annual general neurology course aimed at both trainees and consultants and lasting 2 days. The topics are varied with both scientific and clinical talks that are clinically relevant and practical. It is a good way to keep up-to-date with recent evidence for investigations and therapeutics whilst the Clinico-pathological conference and MRI quiz are always entertaining and encourage friendly competition!

Oxford Neurology Course

A 2-day annual general neurology course aimed at both trainees and consultants. The Oxford course has a strong clinical focus, including the “Best of Oxford’s Grand Round Archives” to challenge your clinical skills, and encourages an atmosphere of lively discussion! Delegates stay in one of the Oxford Colleges.

Edinburgh Clinical Neurology Course

An annual 2-day general neurology course that has run in Edinburgh for the past 40 years. Very practical and clinically based, with comprehensive coverage of the neurology curriculum. Contains the famous Edinburgh Clino-Pathology Conference, and attracts delegates and speakers from all over the UK.

Subspecialist courses

UK ILEA EEG and Seizure Semiology Course

An annual, 2-day course that provides a fantastic overview of the basics of EEG interpretation and seizure semiology. The course combines lectures covering the basics, with interactive sessions where delegates manipulate and interpret EEGs themselves, putting the principles from the lectures in to practice.

Birmingham Movement Disorders Course

The Birmingham Movement Disorders Course is held every two years and is an excellent way for trainees to gain a broad introduction to all aspects of movement disorders, from clinical features and examination tips to investigations and management. Attendees receive a course book with useful and up-to-date clinical resources.

British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) Trainees’ Teaching Weekend

This weekend course is aimed at trainees in neurology, acute medicine or geriatric medicine and aims to provide an update on acute stroke care, secondary prevention and rehabilitation. The course includes debates by experts on controversial topics and workshops on challenging and complex cases, and has a mechanical thrombectomy simulator. There is also a trainee and student abstract competition as well as a Saturday evening dinner.

Cambridge Dementia Course

An annual 3-day course covering the basics of cognitive history taking, bedside examination and interpretation of neuropsychology testing during the first day then delving into more advanced topics on common and rarer forms of dementia over the following 2 days. A very useful overview of cognitive neurology.

United Kingdom Neuro-Ophthalmology Society Annual meeting

Neuro-ophthalmology is a subspecialty many neurology trainees struggle with or find difficult to gain experience in thus the UKNOS annual meeting is an excellent opportunity to gain clinical insights from experienced neuroophthalmologists. The location rotates around the UK and will be in London this year.

British Peripheral Nerve Society Annual Meeting

Another great subspecialty course covering common and rare neuropathies from investigations to management and recent scientific advances. This year it is in Paris, joined with the French peripheral nerve society and includes a competitive quiz UK vs French trainees to further motivate your peripheral nerve study.

Liverpool Neurological Infectious Diseases Course

An informal 2-day course that runs annually at Liverpool University, combining interesting clinical cases with relevant talks on aspects of neurological infection. There is the opportunity to submit posters or compete in the case presentations competition to win prizes!

Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course

Usually booked at least a year in advance, the University of Edinburgh and Sleep Research Centre run an annual 5-day course covering all aspects of sleep medicine, including respiratory and epileptic disorders, and sleep phenomena, with a focus on the science behind diagnosis and management.

Regional courses

Regional England Neuroscience Association Meetings

There are four regional meetings across England: North of England Neurological Association (NENA) meetings, South of England Neurosciences Association (SENA) meetings, South West Neurosciences Association (SWENA) meetings and West of England Seminars in Advanced Neurology (WESAN) meetings. In addition to providing a good update on various topics, these are a good opportunity to network with trainees and consultants in your region as well as take part in a clinical case competition.

For more details, and a more comprehensive list of courses that the ABN Trainee committee has compiled visit:

If you know of other courses, which you think would be helpful to neurology trainees we would love to add them to our list. Please contact us on

Neurology Calendar 2020

Course title Venue Date Cost Website
UK-Japan Neuroscience Symposium- BNA Edinburgh 3-5/2/20 £10
Clinical Evaluation of Dystonia Webinar 4/2/20 Free
British Peripheral Nerve Society joint meeting with French society Paris 7/2/20 £40-100
Mitochondrial Disorder with chorea Webinar 18/2/20 Free
Paediatric Epilepsy Training Level 3 Newcastle 27-28/2/20 £395
British Neuro Psychiatry Association Annual Meeting London 5-6/3/20 £200-300
Sir Roger Bannister Lecture: Neurodegeneration Therapies London 5/3/20 £21-45
Neurology 2020 Glasgow 6/3/20 £45-195
Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre Inaugural Symposium London 11/3/20 Free
23rd Sheffield Fundamentals of Neuroradiology Sheffield 11-13/3/20 £460-700
UK ILEA EEG and Seizure Seminology Course Cambridge 18-20/3/20 £500-600
Birmingham Movement Disorders Course Birmingham 18-20/3/20 £450
British Association of Stroke Physicians Trainee’s Teaching Weekend Oxford 21-22/3/20 £50-80
14th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology London 26-29/3/20 £240-650
4th ILEA British Branch Epilepsy Neuroimaging Course Chalfont St Peter 26-28/3/20 £450-550
20th Annual Course: Neuroradiology and Functional Neuroanatomy London 30/3/20-2/4/20 £280-700
2nd European Conference on Neuroinflammation- Basic and Clinical Concepts (ECN2020) London 6-7/4/20 £370-770
Association of British Neurologists annual meeting Bournemouth 13-16/5/20 Trainee day- free Main £110-560
Liverpool Neurological Infectious Diseases Course Liverpool 3-4/6/20 £295-315
7th International conference on Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders London 8-9/6/20 E191- E1326
Neuroanatomy course Middlesex 11/6/20 £150
4th International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders Boston, USA 14-16/6/20 $200-600
Oxford Clinical Neurology Course Oxford 1-3/7/20 £300
Human Brain Anatomy Course London 21-23/7/20 £395
Edinburgh Clinical Neurology Course Edinburgh 28-29/9/20 £250 fees £130 accomodation
European Academy of Neurology Regional Teaching Course Liverpool 5-7/10/20 free
Cambridge Dementia Course Cambridge 9-11/12/20 ~£550

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