Neuroscientists in Schools – The BNA

Commencing 13th April, The BNA will be announcing webinars on ‘Neuroscientists in schools,’ as part of the BNA’s work producing an exciting suite of neuroscience ‘toolkits’, giving neuroscientists the tools they need to be able to carry out effective outreach in schools and equipping anyone passionate about the brain to run inspiring, interactive sessions based on current neuroscience research.

The date and time of the webinar will be confirmed at: as well as the topic of the webinar and any preparation needed. On the day of the webinar, a link will be added to the webinar page and students will then be able to join the webinar.

Webinar topics include ‘Brain anatomy’ and ‘neuronal communication’, and will feature interactive challenges and activities, e.g. making a ‘brain hat’, the materials for which can be found around the house.

Students participating in the webinar will be able to ask questions anonymously and/or engage in discussions within the group. Webinars will last approximately 30 minutes, although this will differ depending on age.

Webinars and other educational materials will be advertised on social media: Insta @britishneuroscienceassociation, FB British Neuroscience Association, Twitter: @BritishNeuro, LinkedIn: British Neuroscience Association. Follow and stay tuned!