PREVIEW: 3rd World Parkinson Congress

Conference details: 1 October, -4 October 2013, Montreal, Canada.

Report by: Elizabeth Pollard – Executive Director.

The third World Parkinson Congress, also known as the WPC 2013, will offer a unique experience for neuroscientists, clinical researchers, rehabilitation professionals, geriatricians, people with Parkinson’s, caregivers, and policy makers. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Drs Stanley Fahn and Jon Stoessl, more than 100 committee members from 19 countries have helped to shape the WPC 2013 and make it the most important meeting for people interested in Parkinson’s disease.

The WPC 2013 will have nearly 3,500 delegates from more than 50 countries in attendance. Sessions will include large morning plenaries, medium sized lectures, interactive workshops and our new, very intimate “Meet the Expert Roundtables” which will allow for cross-pollination of delegates and better exchange of ideas.

The programme, under the guidance of Dr Serge Przedborski and his three co-chairs has been carefully put together over the past year by a dedicated team of 50 academics,clinicians and those who experience the reality of living with Parkinson’s. Topics will highlight the most germane issues in Parkinson’s today including gene and cellular therapy, neuroprotection, non-motor manifestations of Parkinson’s,rehabilitation options, clinical trials, physical therapy, advocacy and care delivery to name a few.The provisional programme can be viewed at


Abstracts are being accepted on a wide range of scientific topics.In addition,we will have a special category for advocates and others to submit abstracts on programmes and projects that may not be scientific in nature but that are also changing the lives of people living with Parkinson’s at the grass-roots level.

Hot Topics

Twelve of the most outstanding abstracts will be presented each morning to a large audience just before the plenary sessions. This will let junior investigators take centre stage in front of some of the most influential neuroscientists and renowned Parkinson’s authorities.

The aim of WPC 2013 is to bring the world of Parkinson’s together in one place to not only learn from each other in scientific sessions, poster tours, and other talks, but to build a community that is representative of everyone researching and touched by Parkinson’s.

The cure for Parkinson’s will ultimately be accelerated through working together as a team. Join theWPC team and be a part of the solution.