The Hawking Annual MND Lecture 2019: Nutrition in MND – could getting it right make a difference?

Wednesday 20 November, 5.30pm RCN HQ, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN

This prestigious event aims, each year, to bring the latest thinking in the field of motor neurone disease to a wide audience. This year the focus is on the importance of nutrition to effective MND care. The 2019 lecture will be led by Professor Christopher McDermott, Professor of Translational Neurology at SITraN and a Consultant Neurologist at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust.

Gastrostomy has been found to be an effective way to manage malnutrition and resulting weight loss in people living with MND. The Prospective Multi-Centre Evaluation of Gastrostomy in Patients with Motor Neurone Disease (ProGas) study suggested optimal method, and timing for, gastrostomy insertion for people living with MND. Research, however, suggested that lack of information on nutrition after gastrostomy leads to continuing weight loss. The PostGas study has reviewed current practices of post-gastrostomy nutritional care and explored reasons why some patients continue to lose weight after gastrostomy. HighCALS is an ongoing programme to develop an intervention to improve dietary support for people with MND. The project will also seek to conduct an effectiveness and cost effectiveness study to investigate whether the HighCALS intervention developed, can prolong life in people with MND. Professor McDermott will explore the current and emergent findings from the latest research in this key area for MND.

You can attend the Hawking Annual MND Lecture in person and enjoy an excellent networking opportunity in the beautiful surroundings of RCN HQ in London, or join from further afield via live streaming service.

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