The immunomodulatory role of Therapeutic Plasma exchange in Neuromuscular and PNS diseases: a practical approach & new knowledge

Workshop detailsInternational workshop by Excemed,  Saturday, May 19 2018, Royal College of Physicians, London.
Published online: 9/4/18

This programme is designed for neurologists specialised in PNS & Neuromuscular Internal Medicine and ICU who want to acquire up-to date information for improving their current practice.

Autoimmune-mediated  diseases  affecting  the  peripheral  nervous  system  (PNS)  are  a  group  of pathologies  usually  associated  with  an  aggressive  course  and  high  clinical  disability.  A  prompt diagnosis and correct course of treatment are fundamental in order to limit functional impairment and prevent clinical relapses.
The clinical picture of autoimmune mediated polyneuropathies ranges from the acute inflammatory demyelinating  polyneuropathy  (AIDP),  to  the  chronic  inflammatory  demyelinating  polyneuropathy (CIDP),  with  all  its  sub  forms,  each  with  specific  clinical  presentations.  Along  with  the  peripheral nervous system, the neuromuscular plaque can also be affected by antibodies and pathogenic activity, causing myasthenia gravis.

While in some types of autoimmune-mediated PNS diseases the related causative antibodies are well known,  among  others  the  pathogenic  role  of  the  immune  system  is  only  hypothesised.  The  best treatment approach is to remove auto antibodies targeting the PNS. The gold standard treatment is finalised to quickly remove autoantibodies targeting the PNS.

This  workshop  will  review  the  main  clinical  and  pathogenic  features  of  immune-mediated  PNS disorders and discuss the rationale and  utility of therapeutic plasma exchange.

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