Date: 14 Nov 2024 to 17 Nov 2024

24th WPA Congress

Venue: World Trade Centre, Montecito 38, Nápoles, Benito Juárez, 03810 Mexico City


Event Notes:

Be part of the 24th World Congress of Psychiatry (WCP 2024) in Mexico City on 14-17 November. This four-day event offers a dynamic platform for collaboration and dialogue with mental health care peers. You’ll leave reinvigorated and ready to elevate your career. Be among the first to hear cutting-edge insights from experts, gain access to emerging data, and grow your professional network by connecting with those facing similar challenges.

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) unites 140 psychiatric societies across 120 countries, supporting over 250,000 psychiatrists and fostering specialized collaborations in the field of psychiatry.