Date: 04 Oct 2023

Balance Masterclass

Venue: Interacoustics Training Clinic, Birmingham


Event Notes:

This workshop is intended for clinical practitioners who have experience assessing and managing patients that are most often referred from primary care. These are patients that have often not fully recovered from their initial episode of dizziness.

The aim of the workshop is to build on your current knowledge and focus on the components of what makes a patient complex with the focus on the assessment and management of dizziness and imbalance.

We will discuss bedside assessment, along with the application of an instrumented assessment of physiological function. The management of chronic dizziness and imbalance will be explored, within the context of the latest research, and placing the patient at the centre of their own individualised management plan.


The sessions will be led by Professor Diego Kaski, Consultant Neurologist, Dr David Herdman, Principal Neuro and Vestibular Physiotherapist and our  Balance expert Darren Whelan.

Course Objectives

The objective of the workshop is to equip clinicians with the tools to identify what types of reported symptoms could develop into chronic dizziness, breakdown the components of chronic dizziness conditions, and give insights into the functional changes that patients often use as a maladaptive strategy. With these tools management strategies can be applied more holistically and increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.