Date: 05 Jul 2023

Core Stroke Skills in a Resource-Poor Setting.

Venue: Online


Event Notes:

This webinar is organized by the World Stroke Academy.

In our continuous effort to support access to the latest, world-class, stroke education in 2023, the World Stroke Academy is delighted to invite you to the webinar “Core Stroke Skills in a Resource-Poor Setting“ on the 5th of July, 2023, at 14:00 in London. The webinar is free of charge and accessible to everybody interested in learning more about core stroke skills in cases of poor resource setting.

Chairs/Moderators: Dr Lucy Sykes (Stroke Physician, WGSP) and Dr Albert Akpalu (Neurologist, KBTH)

Topics & Speakers:

  • Overview of stroke care in West Africa: Dr Bertha Ekeh (Neurologist, EFSTH)
  • Case presentation: Dr Sidat Joof (Medical Resident, EFSTH)
  • Core skills presentations with a focus on key elements of assessment, how training has been disseminated, and how have outcomes for stroke patients improved as a result
  • Swallow: Katherine Watson-Short (Speech and Language Therapist, WGSP), Isha Touray (Nurse, EFSTH), Josephine Anowa Attoh (Nurse, KBTH)
  • Positioning: Louise Johnson (Physiotherapist, WGSP), Ya Penda Suwareh (Physiotherapist, EFSTH), Cynthia Cudjoe (Physiotherapist, KBTH)
  • Continence: Claire Fullbrook-Scanlon (Nurse, WGSP), Fatoumatta Jaileh (Nurse, EFSTH), Agie Darboe (Nurse EFSTH), Monica Appiah (Nurse, KBTH)