Date: 19 Jun 2023

Deadline EXTENSION for abstracts and Gowers Award submissions for the ILAE British Branch 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting

Event Notes:

Submission of abstracts are now invited for the poster/platform free communications sessions and is open to members of the British / Irish Branch as well as non-members. These should be submitted under one of the following three categories:

  • General abstracts
  • Neurobiology of epilepsy abstracts
  • Cases for neurosurgery network meeting

Up to six of the best abstracts in the ‘General Abstract’ category will be selected for the platform presentation session and up to five of the neurobiology of epilepsy abstracts will be selected for platform presentations in the session held jointly with Epilepsy Research UK (Celine Newman Prize). There will be an expert led poster tour of selected posters which will take place during the meeting, giving researchers the opportunity to present their work.

Abstracts and Awards for General Abstracts

In the ‘General Abstract’ category, prizes are awarded  for the best Platform Presentations (1st prize – £250, and 2nd prize – £125). Prizes are also awarded to the best abstracts chosen for the expert-led poster presentations (1st prize – £100, and 2nd prize – £50).

Abstracts must be no more than 400 words.

Authors of the highest ranking will be invited to give a platform presentation, or will be invited to present in the Expert Led Poster Presentation session.

Deadline for abstract submissions is Monday 19th June 2023 at 1700 hrs.

Registration is needed before an abstract can be uploaded.