Date: 26 Sep 2024 to 27 Sep 2024

Dementia MasterClass 8

Venue: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus


Event Notes:

Who is this course for?

This residential MasterClass, entitled “Practical dementia diagnosis and care”, is for primary and secondary care clinicians, including nurses, GPwERs, geriatricians, old age psychiatry consultants, registrars and specialist pharmacists. The course aims to provide a structured training programme for clinicians who seek formal training in both the clinical and managerial aspects of running a ‘dementia service’. The training course will cover topics including:

– Practical neuroimaging for dementia
– Less common forms of dementia
– Practical dementia assessment
– Primary care aspects
– The acute setting – including delirium assessment
– Psychiatric and behavioural disturbances
– Cognitive impairment
– Workshops around: driving and legal aspects, carer support, community support, OT assessment

Module 2: spring 2025 – dates TBC
To complete the course delegates must return for Module 2 where they will present their inter-module project/audit to the Academy.