Date: 15 May 2023 to 16 May 2023

Disorders of Sleep Module 2

Venue: Online


Event Notes:

Specialist Module 2 Core Sleep Disorders

Audience | Paediatricians, Registrars, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Nurses, Health Visitors, Public Health Nurse, Portage Workers and Community Nursery Nurses

Learning Objectives

To recognise in practice the three different types of behavioural insomnia

To identify different evidencebased approaches to manage behavioural insomnia

To understand the chemical control of sleep in the brain
To understand the evidence base for the effectiveness of conventional and traditional hypnotics in the management
of childhood insomnia and when to recommend them

To understand the mechanisms of action of melatonin and its usage as a hypnotic and chronobiotic respectively in
the management of childhood insomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome.

To understand conditions highly associated with sleep disordered breathing

To recognise features on history and examination associated with sleep disordered breathing

To understand clinical effects of untreated sleep disordered breathing

To understand the principles of management of sleep disordered breathing and to know when to refer for specialist

To be aware of available questionnaire screening tools used to diagnose and monitor children’s sleep disorders and
their psychometric properties

To understand the function of sleep diaries and examine different models of diaries

To review the findings of actigraphic monitoring through case study examples in order to understand the utility of
these devices in practice

To understand the place of polysomnography and videosomnography in the diagnosis of sleep disorders