Date: 12 Mar 2024

Dr Miguel-Mateas on The ADHD/Autistic Gut-Brain Axis

Venue: 1 Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA


Event Notes:

Hear the inspiring Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas present at this conference  – ‘The Art Of Clinical Practice’, alongside Shoela Currey, and Ray Griffiths.

Delve into the intricate connection between gut health and brain function, with specific focus on ADHD and autism and explore how the gut-brain axis plays a pivotal role in neurodivergent individuals, influencing not just digestive health but also cognitive processes and emotional regulation.

Drawing from the latest research and my own experience as a neurodivergent scientist, examine with me the impact of nutrition, microbiome diversity, and gastrointestinal mucosal integrity on ADHD and autistic neurotypes. Uncover together the dynamic interplay between our gut and brain and how this knowledge can empower you to better support your neurodivergent clients.