Date: 15 Dec 2023 to 18 Dec 2023

Epilepsy Care Challenges – From Neonates to Adults

Venue: Istituto Patristico Augustinianum, Via Paolo VI, 25, 00193 Roma - Italy


Event Notes:

Epilepsy Care Challenges from Neonates to Adults

Neonatal Seizures and Epilepsies

  • When semiology points to etiology

  • Acute Symptomatic Seizures in neonates – time to define

  • Genetics of early onset epilepsies

  • Seizure burden and outcome

  • Neonatal EEG and prediction of outcome

  • Neonatal seizures and subsequent epilepsy

  • Outcome of seizures due to Inherited Errors of Metabolism

  • Precision thereapy for neonatal onset channelopathies

  • New drugs in the pipeline

  • To treat or not to treat electrographic seizures

Invited Lecture

  • Newborn screening as a fully integrated system to stimulate equity in neonatal screening in Europe

EpiCARE Working Groups meetings

  • WG 09: Neonatal Seizures and Epilepsies (Chairs: Ronit Pressler, Carmen Fons)

  • WG 18: Epilepsies Beyond Seizures (Chair: Morten Lossius)

Fostering the future

  •  The next-generation experts session

  • Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products and updates from Pharma