Date: 23 May 2023

Intrusive neurological conditions: Tremor and facial pain

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine London, UK


Event Notes:

An event to aid clinicians when diagnosing and treating patients suffering from tremor and facial pain.

The first part of the event will focus on different types of tremor, including common causes, neurocircuitry, advanced thalamic neuro-imaging and what treatment options can be effective.

During the second part, expert speakers will examine how to correctly phenotype types of facial pain, such as trigeminal/glossopharyngeal neuralgia and trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias. We will then discuss what treatment strategies can be utilised and when neurosurgery should be considered.

Attendees will receive guidance on:

The various causes of tremor and facial pain
The neurocircuitry underpinning each condition
How to effectively treat each condition based on its specific cause
What surgical options are available and when they are required