Date: 25 Apr 2024

Living with Epilepsy: Conversation between a patient and a psychologist

Venue: Webinar


Event Notes:

Diagnosis of an epilepsy is a moment that changes the life of an individual, their family and caregivers. It gives rise to significant psychological and social trajectories that are under recognized. These psychosocial needs were sometimes unaware by the individuals with epilepsy, and left unanswered in clinical encounters.

A global approach to individuals with epilepsy should take into account a wider range of psychosocial complications that often emerge at an early stage of the diagnosis, e.g., stigma, anxiety, depression, social isolation, vocational difficulties, cognitive impairment, etc. Sufficient information that is well delivered at an early stage offer the opportunity to minimize the negative consequences due to misunderstanding or lacking of knowledge, e.g. drug adherence. Psychoeducation is an essential and vital component of a comprehensive epilepsy care.


The webinar draws attention to the following situations that a newly-diagnosed individual with epilepsy may go through. By raising awareness, we hope to emphasize the importance of patient education during clinical settings.

  1. What was in my mind when I first diagnosed with epilepsy – a first-person illustration
  2. How did you feel after the diagnosis?
  3. What was your opinion about the attitude of the general public in your country toward PWE at the time of your diagnosis?
  4. What do you want to know – a patient’s perspective
  5. “Can I lead a uncomplicated life”
  6. What kind of changes you need to do in your life since the diagnosis, such as occupation, driving, sports? Have you been informed about them?

Convenors: Dr. Venus Tang (Hong Kong SAR) and Prof. Gus Baker (UK)

Moderator: Prof. Gus Baker (UK)

Interviewer: Prof. Nuran Aydemir (Turkiye)

Epilepsy advocate: Leonie Wollscheid (Germany)

Organizer: ILAE Psychiatry Commission