Date: 13 Jun 2024 to 14 Jun 2024

MS Advanced MasterClass 20

Venue: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus


Event Notes:

Our most in-depth exploration into the complexities of multiple sclerosis (MS) management and treatment, this course is for specialists who want to really hone their expertise and maximise their impact on patient outcomes. For currently prescribing neurologists, final-year registrars, experienced MS specialist nurses or allied health professionals or a pharmacists working with MS therapies, this course is the next level in learning meets application.

To complete the course delegates must return for Module 2 where they will present their inter-module project/audit to the Academy.
Module 2: 28 – 29 November 2024

The course is fully funded including a travel allowance for clinicians practising in the UK for both modules. There will be a £100 deposit required to secure your place, this will be invoiced to you upon confirmation. This deposit will be refunded within 30 days of you completing both modules of the course.

This activity has been financially supported by sponsorship from Roche Products Limited and Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited. The sponsors have had no control over the organisation or educational content of this activity.