Date: 31 Jan 2023

MND Webinar: A focus on oral nutrition in MND: current evidence, managing risks and exploring good practice

Venue: Online via zoom


Event Notes:

Time: 11.00 – 12.30

Aim: To develop increased understanding about the nutritional and dysphagia management of people with MND and the implications for provision of person-centred care.

Objectives • To examine the role of nutrition in the management of MND and its impact on people living with MND • To develop understanding of the process of decision making about eating and drinking orally where there is a known risk of aspiration or choking, and the implications of this in person-centred care. • To consider how the MDT can work together to improve outcomes and patient experience.

By the end of the session participants will have: • An understanding of the nutritional management of people living with MND • An appreciation of how the MDT can collaborate to ensure good nutritional management • An awareness of how to support people with MND in decision making regarding having food/drink orally where there are acknowledged risks such as aspiration or choking.

Speakers: • Nutritional management for people living with MND – Sean White, Dietitian and NIHR Doctoral Fellow at the University of Sheffield • Eating and Drinking with Acknowledged Risks – clinical considerations when supporting people living with MND – Erin Probert, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability