Date: 12 Nov 2024 to 13 Nov 2024

Palliative Care MasterClass 5

Venue: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus


Event Notes:

Delivered in a unique hybrid learning format, the first modules of the course are virtual. Available at the point of successful registration, they can be accessed in the delegate’s own time and at their preferred learning pace.

Module 1A, ‘The basics of neurology’, and module 1B, ‘The basics of palliative care’ can be accessed entirely, in part, or not at all depending on the delegates’ own knowledge and abilities. Additional resources further round out the learning as required, and the modules are completely self-directed.

All delegates are expected to tailor their virtual education element so that they arrive at module 2, a 2-day residential course, with a strong grounding in both palliative care and neurology, to allow for deep-dive education and complex case discussion during this final module.

Providing an approach to neuro-palliative care within the framework of four common neurological conditions: Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia, and motor neurone disease (MND), the course uses case-based learning and expert panel discussion to look at the specific aspects of palliative and end of life care pertaining to each condition, as well as examining common cross-condition challenges experienced in neurology at the end of life.

Who is this course for?

Uniquely designed to create a neuro-palliative dual specialism, this course is ideally suited to anyone with a specialism in either palliative care or neurology, and will cater to the needs of each individual’s background.

Consultants or specialist trainees and specialist nurses from neurology, medicine for the elderly or palliative care, experienced therapists, allied health professionals and GPs working in any of these fields will greatly benefit from this bespoke course.

This meeting has been part funded by sponsorship from Zambon UK Limited. The sponsor has had no control over the educational content or the organisation of this meeting.