Date: 24 Sep 2024 to 25 Sep 2024

Parkinson’s Foundation MasterClass 47

Venue: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus


Event Notes:

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurodegenerative condition in the world and is an immensely complex condition affecting each individual in a very unique way. It impacts a wide range of functions and abilities from movement and cognition, to digestion and mood.

To specialise in Parkinson’s is to be able to understand your patient, what they are experiencing, how their symptoms are affecting them, and to work within a cohesive multidisciplinary team to find the right combination of medications, therapies, lifestyle changes and psychological interventions to control their condition and maximise their quality of life.

Our Foundation MasterClass is a complete and thorough grounding for anyone looking to develop this speciality and to improve the experiences of people with Parkinson’s within their clinical practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for non-final year registrars, old age psychiatry registrars, Parkinson’s nurses within the first 18 months of post, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, pharmacists, clinical fellows and GPwERs.

How is the course taught?

The Parkinson’s Foundation MasterClass is specifically designed to give participants a solid grounding in the knowledge and skills they need to practice in this clinical area.

The course is set as one module over two days with one residential evening. Sessions are delivered in a relaxed atmosphere and with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

This event has been part funded by sponsorship from Parkinson’s Excellence Network. The sponsor has had no control over the educational content of this activity.