Date: 20 Jun 2023

Respiratory failure in MND

Venue: Dunadry Hotel And Gardens, 2 Islandreagh Drive, Dunadry, Antrim, County Antrim, BT41 2HA


Event Notes:

Aims: To introduce non respiratory specialist members of the MDT to respiratory failure and the different types of respiratory interventions.

By the end of the one-day session, participants will:

  • have been introduced to evidence which supports the use of NIV with MND patients
  • understand the different modes and settings used in non-invasive ventilation
  • be able to describe the challenges of using NIV, in particular those with bulbar impairment, and when NIV is not an appropriate treatment
  • have had a brief introduction to tracheostomy and why it may or may not be used in this patient group
  • have considered the implications and process of withdrawal of assisted ventilation
  • have had an opportunity to explore case studies and through knowledge application and discussion
  • identify the presenting problem and the appropriate action to take.