Date: 21 Sep 2023 to 22 Sep 2023

SMA MasterClass Module1

Venue: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus


Event Notes:

The SMA MasterClass summarises the solid grounding in SMA diagnosis, treatment and management that is provided at Basecamp, and builds on it – although you don’t have to have attended Basecamp to benefit. The course digs more deeply into specific symptom management, brings to life policy and guidance, and reviews service design and development, all set within the context of patient experiences. If you have a good knowledge of SMA and are looking to broaden your expertise and hone your specialism, this course is for you.

Bringing in the intermodule project for the first time in SMA, delegates will be equipped with relevant knowledge and supported through mentorship to carry out a quality improvement or service development project in their own area, to improve experiences of those affected by SMA.

Intended for those with an existing knowledge of SMA, the course is designed for paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, general neurology trainees, consultant neurologists, specialist nurses, therapists and multidisciplinary team members who would like to increase their understanding of SMA , its treatment and management and explore how they can improve their own services.

To complete the course delegates must return for Module 2 where they will present their inter-module project/audit to the Academy.