Date: 08 Apr 2025 to 11 Apr 2025

Synuclein Meeting 2025

Venue: Cambridge, UK


Event Notes:

The 3-day meeting, 8 – 11 April 2025, will include sessions on the structure, physiology and pathology of alpha-synuclein as well as the development of therapeutics and biomarkers for alpha-synucleinopathies.

The conference will provide a perfect opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the field from fundamental discoveries to translational studies, similar to meetings previously held in Leuven (Synuclein 2022), Lisbon (Synuclein 2019) and Athens (2017).

300 are expected to attend in Cambridge with West Road Concert Hall being the main conference venue. A Welcome Reception will be held at the University Museum of Zoology and Gala Dinner in the iconic and historic setting of King’s College.